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Meanwhile in the cafeteria

Blossom: What miyako what?!
Bubbles: They are here…
Blossom: Ugh! Stop it! *closes her book and turns around* …..*sees brick and boomer*
Bubbles: I told you…
Brick: Hey babe….i really wanted to …to…
Blossom: Save it… *gets her book and ignores him*
Brick: ….Huh? Okay im really used to get chicks angry….but…but ignore me?! *chases blossom* Hey you!!!

Boomer: *looks at bubbles * ….So…im boomer ^^ you have any food?
Bubbles: …..Im bub….I mean Miyako ^^ , well i just have this apple momoko give to me…
Boomer: Oh…*looks at the apple* ….I am very hungry..
Bubbles: …Well you can have it…
Boomer: Really?! Thanks so much!! *hugs her*
Bubbles: *blushes a little* ….No problem..
Boomer: So…*eating the apple* Your eyes are beautiful as your face?
Bubbles: …..*gets red* …..You ttthink im beautiful?
Boomer: …Well…you are more than that…why? ….Miyako? miyako?! are you okay?!
Bubbles: ….*totally red and faints*

Brick: Hey you!!! wait there!!! Where did you go? i was flirting with you
Blossom: Oh you call that ¨flirting¨??, You make me laugh
Brick: Excuse me…do you even know who are you talking to honey?
Blossom: Sure..Brick Him Jojo, Lider of the Rowdyruffboys, immature, brainless and oh ugly looking too.
Brick: …..*pushes her to the wall* ….You clearly don´t think that about me…im pretty sure you are in love with me
Blossom: …Oh you know i was just faking it…but i think im in love with you… *gets closer*
Brick: I knew it….*gets closer and leans in*
Blossom: You really are pretty bad at these things…*kicks him in his things*
Brick: …..* in the floor crying of pain* You…bit-
Blossom: Shh you are gentleman aren´t you? *laughs at him* Now if you´ll excuse me i have better things to do than to deal with you…*gets a book and goes away*

Buttercup: Just don´t touch me
Butch: A little feisty aren´t we?
Buttercup: …..You jerk…
Butch: *sees brick in the floor* What the hell just happened?!
Brick: That….girl….im going to have y revenge…
Butch: Actually brick…you know you are not good with that said the same about blossom…
Brick: ……Blossom….that´s it…., i think i know why that girl behaved like that…
Butch: …You are messing up my popularity with people dude..let´s just go with boomer…
Brick: …Boomer? Oh that boomer
Buttercup: Exactly what were you doing with brick there?
Blossom: …Nothing you can take care off
Buttercup: *gets angry* Then im going to tell him to kick your ass in that case -_-
Blossom: Do as you want kaoru…let´s go for miyako
Buttercup: She isn´t with you?
Blossom: She must be in the cafeteria
Buttercup: Wait….if there is brick and butch…where exactly is boomer?
Blossom:/Buttercup: Bubbles….
Recess time

Bubbles: But why can´t we talk to them…? maybe they changed…
Blossom: Do as you want…i really don´t care
Buttercup: Well i don´t care what you say, if they talk to me im gonna talk to them even if you like it or not
Blossom: As I say… what you want…
Bubbles: …..I missed the old blossom…
Buttercup: Whatever i don´t care…im gonna do sports *goes to the field camp*
Bubbles: Umm may i stay with you..?
Blossom: ….If you don´t make much noise…then yes… *sits down near a fountain place*
Bubbles: ……Umm Blossom..i mean momoko….
Blossom: *reading a book* Now what..?
Bubbles: Well you said we didn´t have to talk to them, but if they talk to us what do we do?
Blossom: Don´t say nonsense, i told you im reading….why do you ask anyway?
Bubbles: Well because….

Boomer: Hey!!!! please i want to eat something :(
Brick: Then go for food don´t tell us what to do
Boomer: But….i want to eat with you…
Butch: You sound so much like a girl pfft…tell brick im gonna do sports in the field camp
Boomer: Please brick just go with me!!!! please please!!!! *stars shaking him all over*
Brick: Ugh…BOOMER! Fine! But just don´t do that again…*sigh* where is the damn food?
Boomer: Oh oh!!!! where those two girls are at!!!
Brick: Girls huh? , Step back leave this to me
Boomer: But you know that..butch is the one who is good at this things…
Brick: I said leave it to me

Buttercup: Damn that blossom is really getting me on my nerves, she wants everything to her way! im pretty sick of it! why can´t i make the orders for once? *kicks a ball*
Butch: Oh yeah butch…im perfect, im handsome, im awesome *singing* *gets kicked by the ball*
Buttercup: Oh fuck this! Really?! *goes running towards butch* …Hey..are you okay?
Butch: My balls….hurt….*laying in the grass crying*
Buttercup: Hey i know they are balls but you were standing in the way…*angry*
Butch: My balls….you stupid girl….
Buttercup: …..Wait…how did you call me? Stupid? You were in the way! *angry*
Butch: At least you could help me get up….so i can fight you…
Buttercuo: …Tch…Fine…*gives him her hand* Get up….quick..
Butch: …..* thinkining …Stupid…and Naive girl….* *gets her hand and puts her on the wall* I think i fell now to…but into your beautiful eyes…
Buttercup: *blushes a little* WHAT THE FUCKING HELL? *Kicks him in the face* Get off me! Im not one of your stupid sluts you heard?
Butch: So…Green…aren´t them?
Butch: …Green…You should see when you are about to kick someone ass  that you are… do i say it…prepared…
Butch: …Well you can run on me anytime ;*
Buttercup: You are dead…*chases him with a bat*
Butch: Catch me ….if you can ;*
Everybody Changes

First day of school, Bubbles was so happy about it, she really loved everything, she wasn´t that naive as she was, she now was 18 years old, she grew up like her sisters, Bubbles started working in designing clothes that she liked, of course in school they showed her how to make them, unlike her sisters she always was thinking about someone she knew in that time, she wanted to know about him, but she knew it was bad.

It´s a same day as always i dont see a big deal in it dammnit, Buttercup said, she was kinda still the same, now she was 18 like her sisters, she became addicted to sports as usual but at all time she was training, people loved her because of her great ability in sports. She had a best friend named Mitch, it was the only boy who she seemed to have a great time, sure there were boys that admire buttercup too, but Mitch was different.

Working hard as always, the most popular girl like her sisters, Blossom she also grew up as her sisters, she used to dream that her prince one day was going to come for her, but c´mon we all know that those were only fairytales, she finally understood that, there was no time for boys in her life, she wanted to had a great life and become someone very important, school was the only thing she loved the most, obviously she loved her sisters too, but she didn´t had time for boys, that was before, now she was a 18 year old girl.

Bubbles: Isn´t today a perfect day? Look! it so sunny here!!!
Buttercup: Well i gotta say…it´s a perfect day to do sports
Bubbles: Sports? No!, We can see the animals!!
Blossom: Kaoru…Miyako…Enough.., Look we have to go to school that´s the only thing that matters in here
Bubbles: ….Why are you always like that?
Blossom: Like what?
Buttercup: You used to like boys and all that stuff
Blossom: …All that stuff do not exist, and school is more important than that
Bubbles: But….
Blossom: Let´s just go to class..

(You may be wondering Kaoru? Miyako? But they are called blossom, buttercup and bubbles, they are..,but they had to hide it from everyone, they were just normal girls in the school)

Mrs.Kimmie: Okay you guys, now open your books at page 56 and-
Principal: Umm exucse me….Mrs.Kimmie but i think we should introduce this boys…they are new…
Mrs.Kimmie: Of course, um excuse me you guys but we have three new classmates, they just arrived here and they are gonna be with us ^^, please boys introduce yourselfs

Boomer: Hey! My name is boomer ^^, It´s a pleasure to have a class with you.

Boomer…one of the RowdyRuffBoys if you can have the idea, he also grew up he was 18 like his brothers, the only thing different from him and his brothers was that she thought women or girls were beautiful and deserve to be treated perfectly, unlike his brothers, boomer was a great boy.

Butch: Yo, The name is Butch

Butch, The stronger of the group, he had a beautiful body, of course he loved sports so much, but not much as flirting with girls, to get what he wanted, he was also 18 like his brothers, but his only goal in life was to have girls all around him, and obviously be the best at everything.

Brick: ….Brick…Don´t mess with me…or else…*winks at girls*

Brick….he had so many things like his brother butch, he loved girls a lot, but just for a time, let´s say he only wanted to have fun in life, he really didn´t enjoy the fact about being in a school, the part of studying really get him on his nerves, but by the other part he could see girls, and be with them, which make him and butch the most pervert in school, let´s say they were ¨special¨.
Blossom-Momoko by Danny-The-Rabbit-htf
So this is the cover of my fanfic ¨Things Change¨, Hope you like it.
Hey guys! I know that there aren´t many drawings in my account but sooner theyll´be believe me, i been telling my parents about this thing ¨Bamboo¨that helps my drawings to be better, so hope they agree, anyway love you guys!.


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